We are Licenced Council breeders here in Argyll and Bute, Scotland.

    The name Callan (Colin) and Canids (Dogs) so it's Scottish galic for Colins dogs our Kennel Club affix up till 5 years ago was Callans and felt a change was needed.

    Our Dogs

    We have several labrador retrievers producing excellent breed standard dogs, we also have border terrier bitches all producing excellent pups and 1 border terrier dog imported from the Chez Republic which is used for stud.
    We have recently added a Silver and Tan Labrador stud dog.

    Our dogs are our pets and are a great part of our family, we have been breeding dogs since 1984 and have shown them at Championship dog shows.
    Our Labs pups are anywhere from London to Inverness and also the Island's and we breed all colour's and all are 100% Labrador Retrievers.
    The above has had to be edited due to the fact of the dognapers.

    I have had border terriers since 1964 as I was brought up in Kelso on the Scottish Borders, the border was dare I say a pouchers dog and several hunts had them for bolting the fox from the earth.
    I like the Border Terrier for its a  small roughy toughy little dog, it will go from climbing mountains to sleeping by the fire and everything in between.
    Our borders are living in all parts of Scotland and as far away as Belgium.
    To learn more about Border Terriers go to. http://www.borderterrier.org.uk/home

    For labradors go to the site below...

Dunoon, Argyll & Bute, Scotland.

Dunoon, UK

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